Leicester 1993




BritTrack1993British National Track Championships 24-31 July 1993
at Saffron Lane Sports Centre Leicester

Introduction from the Race Programme....

Track racing has recently undergone some major surgery on the international scene initiated by the wish of the International Olympic Committee to have all competitors eligible for future Olympic Games. This led to the International Cycling Union proposing that the cycling events in the 1996 Olympic programme be 'Open' and that this should also extend to the World Track Championships from 1993. With these changes in mind the British Cycling Federation now presents the first 'Open' National Track Championships where professionals and amateurs will compete for the same medals in each discipline. We are also pleased to introduce the new World Cup event, the Olympic Sprint, into the programme and to express our thanks to Kodak Processing for their sponsorship of the event.
Alongside these events you will see our stars of the future compete for the junior and juvenile championships and the whole week rounded off with a final day of exciting special events which we hope will provide a fitting finale to this new-look promotion.
We also have a new organisational team this year who I would like to thank for their hard work during the past twelve months, coupled with this of course our sincere gratitude to Leicester City Council and all our sponsors and advertisers without whom these events would not be possible.
I hope that you all, competitors and public alike, have an enjoyable week at Saffron Lane and we look forward to seeing the champions in action during the forthcoming 'Open' World Championships in Hamar, Norway and the junior team making the long haul to Perth in Western Australia in late September.

Ian Emmerson
British Cycling Federation

more soon ...

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