1950’s Biographies

Some of the material found includes extra information about the competitors over and above the race reports and results. So it seems best to pool this sort of personal information on one master page. Some individuals have personal pages to cover all the material uncovered. Most of the material is from English language sources so is mainly UK based. Anyone looking for more Europe-wide info should try getting a copy of the Belgian reference work  “Velo Gotha”.

These initial entries are very basic; mainly being taken from the 1951 to 1955 Tour of Britain programmes. However a few entries have now been expanded with information from contemporary sources and more recent career reviews.

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David Addie

1951Addie11951 - Age 22, Cycle-tyre builder, 3rd Newcastle-Glasgow stage 1951, 3rd SNCU Championship 1950, 2nd Glasgow Wheelers 115m RR 1951

Sidney Aldridge

1951Aldridge11951 - Age 25, Toolmaker, Romford RC, 2nd Newcastle-Glasgow stage Brighton-Glasgow 1951, 2nd Herts Grand Prix 1951

1952 - (Amateur) has twice been in the winning team in the Brighton-Glasgow Stage Race. His chief success this year was a win in the Herts G. P. A toolmaker by trade, Sid is aged 26. [62]

John Andrews
b: 13-Apr-1934
d: 23 March 2000

1959 - International Team. Tour de France

1960 - Great Britain Team. Tour de France

Wikipedia entry / Cycling Archives entry

Alan Ashmore

1953 - (Independent). At present, this latest addition to the Viking team is serving in the R.A.F. Aged 22, he is the R.A.F. and inter-services champion. [28]

2006 - possibly the same Alan was racing in the 70+ age category in the USA

Gabriel Audemard

1951Audemard11951 - Age 34, Mechanic, 11th FSGT French Championship 1951, 16th Grand Prix de l’Humanite 1951

1952 - (Amateur) will be remembered for his part in last year's Tour of Britain. Aged 25. [6]

Vivian Bailes

1953 - (Aspirant). His first place in the Whitby Moor road race and a third placing in the Brighton-Newcastle event are his best performances this year. He has also ridden in Belgium. Aged 26. [59]

Richard Neville (Dick) Bartrop
b. 14-Mar-1935 Sheffield

1955 - 20 years. 1st Butlin's 2-day. 2nd on second and ninth stages of the Amateur Circuit of Britain. Member of the Falcon R.C.

Emigrated to Australia.

More here ...

David William (Dave) Bedwell
b: 28-Aug-1928

1951Bedwell11951 - Age 23, Cycle mechanic, 1st Grand Prix de l’Humanite 1950, Road Race Champion 1951, 1st Dover-London 1951, 1st North Wolverhampton RR 1951, 1st Severn Valley Grand Prix 1951, 2nd Tour of the Chilterns 1951

1953 - (Professional) has become internationally known as the “Iron man of cycling”; rode brilliantly in the first Tour of Britain as an Independent, and leads the Hercules team in this year's race. Aged 25, he comes from Romford. Since turning Professional he has become one of our leading track and road riders. [36]

1955 - 26 years. Ex-cycle mechanic. Started racing in 1946. Amateur: 1st Grand Prix de L'Humanite, Paris, 1950. 1st Dover/ London. Independent/Professional: 3rd 1954 Tour of Britain. 1st in four stages. 1st London to Battle and back 1954. Hobby: Weightlifting.

1955 Paris-Nice 45th

1964 - Tribute | 1999 - Obituary

William (Bill) Bellamy

1951Bellamy11951 - Age 26, Bench-fitter, Romford RC, 3rd Butlin’s Camps 7-Day, 1st London-Battle-London 1951, 1st Bouremouth 2-Day, 1st Nuneaton Circuit 1950

1952 - (Amateur) is in his fifth year of racing. Aged 26, a bench-fitter by trade. Recent victories include the Brighton-Glasgow Stage Race, the Victor Berlemont R. R. and the London to Battle and Back. [58]

1953 - (Independent) of Edmonton was the leading Amateur in last year's Tour of Britain, until an unlucky spill put him out of the race near the end. Since then he has made a brilliant recovery, and is rapidly approaching his old form. [45]

Stan Blair

1951Blair11951 - Age 25, Motor mechanic, 1st Butlin’s Camps 7-Day, 1st Derby Wheelers Classic 50, 1st Border GP, 1st Nidderdale 1949-50, 2nd NE Section TT Championship 1951, 1st Jackson Trophy RR 1951

1952 - (Independent) has an impressive list of first places to his name, including the 7-day Tour of Butlins, Jackson Trophy race (twice), Nidderdale R. R. (twice), Border G. P. and the North Eastern T. T. Championship. Stan hails from Newcastle and is a motor mechanic. Aged 26. [5]

Karl Bloomfield

1951Bloomfield11951 - Age 33, Cycle accessory importer, 1st Southampton GP 1950, 2nd Tour of the Chilterns 1950, 2nd Nottingham-Skegness

Doug Booker

1955 - 20 years. National Hill Climb Champion. Gresley Grand Prix, 1954. 2nd, 2nd and 3rd in the Bournemouth 3-day, 1955.

John Brackstone

1952 - (Amateur) has already won the Medway RR and the Bournemouth GP this year and was 3rd in the Battle and Back and the Two Valleys RR. An apprentice toolmaker, aged 21. [63]

Ian Frank Brown
b: 8-Jan-1934

1953 - (Aspirant) has only been racing for three years, but he has proved his ability to stay a long tough race. He is 22, and comes from Morecambe. [56]

1955 - Living in Belgium throughout 1954 and 1955, has been riding regularly with quite a few placings. He has surprised some of our Continental friends by his determination.

Derek Adrian Buttle
b. 1930 West Ham
d. 2017 Norwich

1951Buttle11951 - Age 20, at present in the RAF, 1st Tour of the East Midlands 1951, 2nd Tour of Butlin’s Holiday Camps 7-Day RR

1953 - (Professional) started racing at the age of 14. He is 23 and one of our best international racing men. [34]

1955 - 25 years. Ex-Thames Lighterman. Started racing in 1944. Amateur: 1st Tour of East Midlands. 2nd Tour of the Butlin's Camps. 2nd London Road Race Championships. Independent/Professional: 3rd National Hill Climb Championships, 1953. 3rd in the third stage of the Tour of Calvados 1953, 2nd in second stage of the Tour de Voise, 1953. Member of the 1st team in the Tour of Britain, 1954. Finished in the Tour of Europe, 1954. Hobbies: Cross country running, weightlifting.

Conliffe Carr

1951Carr11951 - Age 23, Farmer, Midlands CC, 1st Harp CC Palmer Cup 1950, Champion of County Kildare

1952 -  (Amateur). A country-lover, Carr is in fact a farmer. Aged 30, he is the oldest member of the Irish team. Hails from Co. Kildare. He came across for the Tour of Britain last year. This year, he was 3rd in the Irish National 100-mile T. T. Championships. [47]

Joe Christison

1952 - (Amateur). His keenness has earned him first placings in the Derby-Bradford stage of the Brighton-Glasgow race and the Edinburgh Centre T. T. Championships. He was 2nd in the Edinburgh R. R. Championships last year, and, as a junior, twice won the Alnwick R. R. [51]

1955 - 22 years. Cycle salesman. Hobbies: Bird watching and lazing about! Ambition: To retire from cycle racing! 4th Tour of Britain, 1954. Scottish Road Race Champion, 1953. more...

Geoffrey Clark

1951Clark11951 - Age 28, Electrician and cycle builder, 1st Brighton-Glasgow 1949, 1st 2 stages Tour of Poland 1949, 2nd London-Holyhead 1951, 2nd North Wolverhampton RR 1951

1960s - Cycle shop owner in Bradford, West Yorkshire

more at Classic Lightweights UK

Derrick Clarke

1953 - (Aspirant) has had 13 years' racing experience, and was third Amateur in last year's Tour of Britain. He has two top class wins to his credit this year. Aged 30, he is a cycle sales manager at Prestwich. [57]

Ronald (Ron) Coe
b. 29-Jan-1933
d. 5 Mar 1988

1958 - 4 stage victories Milk Race
1959 - 2 stage victories Milk Race


William A Cook

1952 - (Independent) is a 21-year-old Wolverhampton lad. He has missed a first place so far this year, but last year finished 1st in the Mercury G. P. Also 3rd in the Severn Valley G. P. [ 52]

Ronald Cooper

1952 - (Amateur) While in the RAF, Ron represented the RAF in the National Massed Start Championship. A newcomer to road racing he was 3rd in the Croyden RR and 6th in the Tour of the Hopfields. Aged 21 [64]

Mac G Cotterill

1952 - The Midlands R. R. Champion. He is a dental technician apprentice. A member of the Wolverhampton R. C. C. Aged 19. [31]



Eric Charles Davis

1950 - Gnutti Accessories team in Brighton-Glasgow with Karl Bloomfield and Alex Taylor.

Update 27-Dec-2019 from Eric ...

I was number 31 rider for the Gnutti Accessories Team, along with Karl Bloomfield and Alex Taylor.  My only ‘success’ in the race was coming third on the fourth Wolverhampton-Nottingham stage.  I notice that there is a blank for this placing on your website.  Timing not recalled.  My age on the programme was given as 18 but, although I was the youngest rider in the race, my 19th birthday was two weeks before the event.  Unfortunately, for the first time in my racing experience, I got an upset stomach, either from standing around wet in a biting wind while waiting on later riders to finish the time trial before being taken to accommodation – or a food bug.  While much of my training pre-RAF was in the Derbyshire hills and I was familiar with the terrain, my guts would not allow me to tackle them on the Sheffield stage and I had to abandon north of Derby.  I have three professional photographs taken by the event’s official photographer, Alan Hookley.  One is of the Gnutti Team before the start of stage 2, the other two are of myself during the time trial.  I know I was featured on Pathe News, according to my RAF billet mates, but this does not appear to have been saved for posterity.
I was doing my National Service in the RAF at the time, based at Pembroke Dock and my training programme was weekdays Pembroke Dock-Carmarthen – 66 miles return: weekends, a circa 200 miles circuit or overnight to home at Burton-on-Trent, returning by train overnight for Monday morning parade.
Johnny Welch was also a rider in this event.  During 1948/49 he was my mentor when I was a member of the Trent Olympic Cycle Club based in Burton-on-Trent and introduced me to Hateley’s Cycles of Wolverhampton.  His then fiancee, Dot Hodges, introduced me to cycle racing.  I was introduced to Dot by a local cycle shop proprietor, Eric Ellam of Ashby-de-la-Zouch with whom I had become acquainted when I was in local digs and commuting by cycle every weekend to the family home in London.  As Johnny’s wife, Dot became Women’s Hill Climb Champion in one of these years.  Two years ago, I was passing the shop, which still trades.  I called in and met with Jack Hateley’s daughter who had kept a photographic record of Johnny’s achievements over the years.  If Johnny is still alive he will be in his late 90’s, with Dot probably being in her low 90’s.  I am now 88.
Prior to the B-G, my first year competing brought success, being first in the 1948 Trent Valley Road Race and third in the Baslow (National Junior Championship) RR.  In 1949, my first placings were in the Gresley Memorial GP, and Needwood Forest RR with second placings in the Whitemeadows RR, Dytham Trophy RR and Ivanhoe RR.
I gave up cycle racing for an academic lifestyle in 1951 following an incident while on a solo breakaway during the Tour of the Mendips.  Pouring with rain and on a downward stretch, the marshal was sheltering under trees and failed to indicate until the last second, the hairpin turn that would have taken me back uphill.  I finished up sliding down the hill on my side and being taken to hospital. 
I did resume training in 1983 to do a 10-day Land’s End-John O’Groats, 1022 mile sponsored cycle road to promote Young Enterprise in schools and raise funds towards a minibus for Alleyne’s School in Stone, Staffordshire.  Myself with three local sixth-former cyclists who were also Young Enterprise METEX Company members, zig-zagged up the country staying overnight at accommodation arranged by local Young Enterprise Boards.  As a teacher of Commerce, Economics etc, I mentored Young Enterprise Companies over a 10 year period.

Leslie R Drinkwater

1952 - (Independent). 21-year old apprentice draughtsman from Wolverhampton. Although he has missed a first placing so far, he has been well up in many of the tougher events, including 9th in the London-Holyhead single-stage race, 3rd in the Midland Section Championships and the Charnwood Forest race and 4th in the Mercury G. P. [33]

Michael Eastwood

1951Eastwood11951 - Age 20, Pharmaceutical apprentice, Warrington Olympic, 1st Amateur Manchester-Llandudno-Manchester 1950, 1st Clacton-Skegness 1951, 1st Merseyside and North Wales Championship 1951

Frank Edwards

1953 - (Aspirant). Winner of the Brighton-Newcastle race this year. He likes multi-stage events, the 'tougher the better'. He is 23, and lives in Norwich. [53]

Frank_Edwards_Scan200 Update Apr-2014 via e-mail: Frank is currently living near Lowestoft, Suffolk. He has been a keen cyclist all his life and owned a cycle shop until he retired

George Edwards

1951Edwards11951 - Age 21, Plumber, Southern Velo, 3rd East London RR, 2nd Brockley RR, 2nd Ashdown RR

Seamus (Shay) Elliott

Ireland’s leading roadman of the 1950s and 60’s; whose career is already covered in detail elsewhere. Here are a few extra snippets for the record.

1953 An Tostal Tour of Ireland; 10th Overall. 1954 An Tostal Tour of Ireland; 1st Stage 5, 5th Stage 6, 5th Stage 7, 2nd Overall, 1st King of the Mountains, 1st Team. 1959 Tour de France


Trevor Fenwick
b: 24-May-1930

1951Fenwick11951 - Age 21, Electrical technician, 1st Manchester RR Championship 1950, 1st Circuit of the Moors, 1st Holcombe Circuit, 1st Beaconside GP, represented England in Grand Prix de l’Humanite

1952 - (Independent). Aged 22 'Trev' has a total of eleven wins in road races. This year, his successes include the Tour of the Pennines, the Birmingham Premier R. R. and the C. J. Fox Memorial R. R. Captain of the Pennine team. [41]

1953 - (Independent) has ridden for Britain in the Route de France and the Tour of Belgium this year. He Has also been victorious in the London-Battle-London road race and the Jackson Trophy race [29]

1955 Hercules Team

1980s / 1990s / 2000s - LVRC category winner. NUJ cycling, sports and  news Dorset and Hampshire area. Had own photography web site which closed in 2009. Thought to have retired to France.

John Fraser

1952 - (Amateur), aged 23, member of Glasgow Wheelers. Before joining the R.A.F. he was an electrical engineer. This year, he became the Scottish T. T. Champion, and was a member of the winning team in the R.A.F. 100-mile championship. [50]

Marcel Fruchart

1951Fruchart11951 - Age 21, Photographer, 19th Grand Prix de l’Humanite 1951



Eugene Garnier

1951Garnier11951 - Age 40, Cyclist messenger, Paris Road Champion 1949, 1st Newcastle-Edinburgh 1949, 4th Prague-Warsaw 1949, 11th Paris-Lens 1951

Frank Garvey

1953 - (Aspirant). A 23-year-old panel-beater from Manchester ; he was first in this year's Bollington road race, and finished 12th in the Brighton-Newcastle stage race. [54]

Edward (Ted) Gerrard

1954 - 3 stage victories in Tour of Egypt
1955 - 2 stage victories in Tour of Ireland

John Leslie Gill

1955 - 22 years. 1st Folkestone Road Race. 2nd Brighton/ Newcastle. 9th Tour of Nine Provinces. 1st Gresley Memorial Road Race. Ambition: To win a stage race.

Ian Greenfield
b: 7-Aug-1930 Edinburgh

1951Greenfield11951 - Age 20, at present in RAF, 1st Brighton-Glasgow (6 Days) 1951, 4th Butlin’s Holiday Camps 7 Day Race

1952 - (Independent). As a rider for the Scottish National team in last year's Tour of Britain, Ian finished 3rd as the leading amateur rider. This year he rides for the first time under a sponsor. He is a winner of the Brighton-Glasgow, and last year was 2nd in the Tour of Butlins 7-day event. A member of the 1952 Warsaw-Berlin-Prague team. [21]

1953 - (Independent) finished fourth in last year's Tour of Britain, and was with Scales in the winning Warsaw-Berlin-Prague team. A Scot aged 22, he rode exceptionally well in the Tour of the Six Provinces in France, but was unlucky to crash on the last day. [33]

Charles Gregorini

1952 - (Amateur). He is a 24-year-old Paris painter and finished in 2nd place in the tough G. P. de I'Humanite this year. The team's youngest member. [7]

Robert Grondelaers

1953 - scored his greatest triumph in the Olympic games last year, when he won a silver medal in the road race. He is still only 20, and has all the makings of an international champion. [7]

James Grundill

1952 - (Independent) 27-year-old Glasgow pattern maker. Member of the Scottish team in Paris-Lens 1951-1952. Winner of Ajax GP [54]

Henri Guldemont

1953 - was third in the Tour of Belgium. He is 23, and has specialised in stage races similar to the Tour of Britain. He is the oldest member of the Belgian team. [8] [Note: he also won an Olympic  team gold medal at Helsinki in 1952]

1955 - Best Belgian in Tour of Britain 1953 and 1954, 1st King of the Mountains 1954

Brian Haskell

1955 - 26 years. 1st Tour of Ireland, 1953 and 1955. 4th Tour of Egypt, 1954. 3rd Amateur Circuit of Britain, 1954. 9th and runner-up for King of the Mountains, 1955

Edward Hawkins

1951Hawkins11951 - Age 25, Fitter, All-round Road Champion 1950, 50 mile Massed-start Champion 1950, 2nd 100 mile Massed-start 1950

1952 - (Amateur) is one of the two Irishmen in this year's team who completed the first Tour of Britain. Hails from Co. Down and is by trade a fitter. Aged 23. [45]

Anthony (Tony) Hewson
b: 26-Jan-1934

1955 - 21 years. Civil Servant. Five years road racing. 1st S.C.U. 3-day, 1955. Hobbies: Dancing. Member of the Falcon R.C. then Hercules

Stories from Tony...

Johnny Hibell

1951Hibell11951 - Age 19, Law student, Birmingham Premier RC, 1st Jackson Trophy RR 1949, 1st Coventry TT 1950, 1st Wallasey RR 1950, 1st Birmingham TT 1950, 1st 2nd Stage Norwich 2-Day, 1st Stonebridge TT 1951, 1st Leicester-Nottingham and Back 1951, 2nd Manchester-Pwllheli, 8th GC Butlin’s RR

Anthony (Tony) Hoar

1955 - 23 years. Many successes including finishing in 1955 Tour de France.

Raymond Holliday

1953 - (Aspirant) is a 21year-old engineering apprentice from Wolverhampton. He finished sixth in his first multi-stage race, the Brighton-Newcastle event this year. [52]

L Hook

1952 - (Amateur) was second in the recent Victor Berlemont Trophy RR [67]

Chris Hooper

1951Hooper11951 - Age 20, Blacksmith’s apprentice, Southern Velo, 1st Surrey Velo RR 1950, 2nd Brighton-London 1951, 3rd Southern Velo RR 1951

D Houghton

1952 - (Amateur) Winner of the SCU 12 hour race 1952. Has had to 3rds in road racing and was winner of the Glasgow-Larkhill Australian Pursuit Race [57]

Mick Howarth

1951Howorth11951 - Age 20, Cycle mechanic, Altrincham RRC, 2nd Weaver Valley RR 1951, 3rd Manchester Section RR Championship 1951, 1st Needwood Forest RR 1951, 2nd Tour of the Peaks RR 1951, 3rd Mercury Grand Prix 1951

1952 - (Amateur). First placing in the Mercury G. P. He also has wins in the Nottingham-Skegness and the Needwood Forest races. [68]

Arthur Victor Ilsley
b: 24-Aug-1929, Birmingham

1953Ilsley11953 - (Independent) is the latest addition to the B.S.A. team. He won the first world's championship selection race this year. This will be his first Tour of Britain. [23] more...

1955 - 25 years. Ex-switchgear fitter. Started racing in 1946. Amateur: 1st Dunmow Road Race, 1952. 1st Beacon Mountain time trial,l 953. In World Selection Road Race, 1953. Isle of Man International Road Race, 1953. Independent/Professional: 1st Mallerstane Road Race, 1953. 3rd King of the Mountains, Tour of Britain, 1953. 1st Schepdaal Road Race (Belgium) 1954. 1st Langsett Road Race, 1954. 1st Weston-Super-Mare Grand Prix, 1954. 1st Macclesfield Road Race, 1954. B.L.R.C. National Road Race Champion, 1954. Hobbies: Rock walking and swimming



Arthur Stanley (Stan) Jones
b: 10-Jun-1922

1952 - (Independent) 30-year-old dental mechanic. Recent successes include the G. P. of Ireland, and two wins in Church Lawford circuit races this year. He finished 5th in the London to Leamington R. R., and 2nd in the Blenheim Park massed-start race. [15]

1953 - (Independent) is another ideal team man. He was a finisher in this year's Prague-Berlin-Warsaw race and won the Dover to London road race. [21]

1955 - Hercules team

Edward Jones

1951Jones11951 - Age 30 Bricklayer. Holder of R.R.A. Pembroke-London Record 1948, Midland Road Race Champion 1949, 1951 Winner Dover-London 1947, 1949, Winner Circuit of the Wrekin 1949, 1951, 2nd Weston-super-Mare Grand Prix 1951. First man post-war to attack 50-mile R.R.A. record

1952 - (Independent) holds the R. R. A. Pembroke to London single-bicycle record which he set up in June, 1950. This year he won the Severn Valley G. P. He is 32 years old, married, and has one small daughter. [3]

Ron Jowers

1953 - (Aspirant) comes from Isleworth. He has several placings in first-class events to his credit, was fifth in the Brighton-Newcastle event, and has been 'under the hour' for 25-miles time trialling. [51]

Kenneth (Ken) Jowett
b: 13-Nov-1929
d: Oct-2004

1951Jowett11951 - Age 20 Cycle mechanic. 1st Tour of the Peaks 1950, 1st C. J. Fox Road Race 1950, 4th Paris-Lens 1951

1952 - (Independent) was one of the victorious British team in this year's Warsaw-Berlin-Prague race, when he finished 6th - the same position he occupied at the finish of the 1951 Tour of Britain. Aged 21 [48]

1953 - (independent), though only 22 years old, has a great store of experience in multi-stage racing. He was one of the victorious Berlin-Warsaw-Prague team in 1952, when he finished sixth. [26]

1955 - 24 years. 1st Dunsmoor Road Race, 1955. 1st Tour of the Peaks, 1953-50. 6th Warsaw-Berlin-Prague, 1952.

2004 - “Leading lights in the cycling world today paid tribute to veteran cyclist Ken Jowett. The 74-year old dad of two, who suffered from Alzheimer's Disease for five years, died in St Luke's Hospital a week ago after a stroke several weeks earlier. His funeral is tomorrow (Telegraph & Argus, Monday 18th Oct 2004) Mr Jowett, of Delph Terrace, Clayton, had been a popular face both locally and on the international racing circuit in a career spanning more than 30 years. He won the Tour of the Peaks twice, competed in the 1951 Milk Race Tour of Britain and represented the UK in the 1953 Six Provinces. He was one of the few westerners to venture behind the Iron Curtain when he was sixth in the 1952 Warsaw-Berlin-Prague Peace Race - a gruelling 1,265 miles in 12 days.
Mr Jowett's son Craig... said: "Cycling was dad's life. He was an aggressive and honest rider. and a modest, quiet man with a dry sense of humour. My brother and I are both proud of him.”
Mr Jowett competed in his third Tour of the Peaks in his forties and won gold, silver and bronze in the National Veterans' Championship as well as taking fifth place in the international 1975 Woolmark Grand Prix in Bradford. He met his wife Olwen when she was second in the Ladies' National Cycling Championships in 1950.”

Albert B Keenahan

1953 - (Aspirant) comes from Oldham, is one of our best up-and-coming road men. He has yet to take a first prize, but has been well placed in many road events. He is 23 years old. [55]


Frederick Otma (Fred) Krebs

1954 - Austrian-born, 22, Cambridge, at present in the RAF, the team's [Hercules] latest recruit, has given sterling performances in the Paris-Nice and the Tour of Luxembourg, both Continental 'classics'.

1955 - 24 years. Ex-Electronic Engineer. Born in Vienna; came to England at the age of 8. Started racing in Cambridge area 1949. Amateur: Many successes including 1st in Tour of the R.A.F. Independent/Professional: 1st Charles Fox Memorial R.R.; 1st Midland Grand Prix. Stage win in Tour of Britain. 3rd in the Tour of the Peaks. 2nd in B.L.R.C. Road Race Championships. 5th in the Tour of Europe, 1954. 4th in the Grand Prix de Cannes, 1955. Hobbies: Badminton (played for Cambridgeshire), rowing and squash.

More on the Missing Man....

Alan Lancaster

1951Lancaster11951 - Age 22 At present in R.E.M.E. West London R.C. 2nd Amateur London R.R. Championship 1950, 1st Amateur London R.R. Championship 1951, 1st West London R.C. T.T.T. 1951, 2nd Army 50-miles Championship 1951, Army Massed-start Champion 1951.

Andre Laurent

1951Laurent11951 - Age 30

Joseph Lennon

1951Lennon11951 - Age 23, Factory worker, 1st Cookstown 50 km 1951, 3rd 50 mile Massed-start Championship 1951, Mt. Pleasant senior team captain

Charles Lobre

1952 - (Amateur) has raced in Brighton-Glasgow races on two occasions. Aged 34. [9]

Ron Loveday

1951Loveday11951 - Age 24. Scientific-instrument maker. Castile R.C. 1st Nottingham-Bradford 1950, 2nd first stage Norwich 2-day 1950, 3rd London Section Championship 1950



Ramsey Mackay

1952 - (Amateur) Scottish TT champion in 1950. This year he was 2nd in the Larkhill APR and 3rd in the Carluke and the Salsburgh RR [53]

MackayRamsey1from eBay - "This [bike] was custom built by A.S GILLOTT of London in 1953 for Ramsay Mackay of Dunedin Cycling club, Edinburgh. This was the bike he rode on when competing in the 1954 "AN TOSTAL", 1000 mile Tour of Ireland where he finished 14th in general classification from a starting field of 108 riders. Ramsay was a well known cyclist during the 1950's and 60's competing extensively throughout the UK and Ireland. He was the Scottish Hill Climbing champion of 1953 which he won by setting a new course record. He also set a new tandem record for the Edinburgh-Glasgow-Edinburgh cycling race and finished 14th in the 1952 Brighton to Glasgow race.

Robert John (Bob) Maitland
b: 31-Mar-1924
d: 26-Aug-2010

1952 - (Independent) has twice been a national champion hill-climber and has represented Great Britain in international teams on the Continent and in world championship races for the past six years. Won the London-Leamington R. R. this year, and finished 1st in the Olympic selection race at Stapleford Tawney. Bob's age is 28. [11]

1953 - (Independent) is a rider of international fame. He is the captain of his team, and led them to a great victory in last year's Daily Express Tour of Britain. In addition to a brilliant ride in the Tour of Belgium, his successes this year include the Bournemouth 2-day road race, Langsett road race, Tour of the Wrekin and Tour of the Pennines. [19]

1955 - 31 years. Beat Louison Bobet (winner of the Tour de France three times in succession; the only man to have done it) and Fausto Coppi (Tour de France winner and one of the greatest cyclists the world has ever known) in the Prix de Daumesnil, 1955. Has beaten many British Place-to-Place records.

Alexander Marr
b: 21-Apr-1932 Dundee

1952 - (Amateur) is a 20-year-old apprentice plumber from Broughty Ferry. This year’s successes - the Edinburgh Spring GP and the Glasgow-Dunoon RR. He was leader of the Scottish Best All-round Championship last year. [55]

MarrAlex1_200Update from family (Thanks) - Alex (nickname Sandy) was born in Dundee, Scotland, April 21, 1932. And this photo came from an article in the Evening Telegraph (?) sometime in 1952 -

Dundee Cyclist To Race In France

Sandy Marr, 20 year old Dundee Thistle cyclist, left today for Paris. Along with Ian Steele [Steel] and R. Grundle (Glasgow) and Ian Greenfield (Edinburgh) he will represent Scotland in a 150-mile long race from Paris to Lyons on Sunday. [note - Ian Steel finished 2nd in the 1952 Paris-Lens race so Lyons may be a mistake by the newspaper reporter]

Sandy, who lives at 79 Long Lane, Broughty Ferry, works with the Caledon Engineering Company. He completes his apprenticeship as a plumber in June 1953.

He hopes to remain at home another year after that to sit the finals of his City and Guilds examination for the building trade before going into the Forces.

Jimmy May

1952 - (Amateur) is a 21-year-old carpenter. Best performances this year - second placing on the second day of the Bournemouth GP and 4th on the first day of the Tour of the West [66]

Karl McCarthy

1951McCarthy11951 - Age 23

Joe Meade

1952 - (Amateur) Member of Glasgow Viking CC [56]

Kenneth Harold Mitchell

1955 - 24 years. Tour de France, 1955. Tour of Spain, 1955.

Edward Russell Mockridge

Golden Book of Cycling 1953 entry and more...

Bruno Monti

1953 - aged 22, is Italy's independent champion. He was a late choice for the team, replacing Serena. He won the 16th and 17th stages of this year's Tour of Italy (professional and independent), the second victory being in a breakaway with Benedetti and Koblet when the Iast named was challenging for Tour leadership. On the 11th and 12th stages of the race Monti was 5th and 9th respectively.

Alfred D Newman

1952 - (Independent), aged 26, was British Massed Start Champion in 1949 and was a member of the British road team in the last Empire Games. Last year he rode in the national championship 100-mile T. T. team, and has twice been a member of the winning team in the National Hill-climb Championships. [14]

1953 - (Independent) is a past national champion, and was a member of last year's winning Tour of Britain team. He is 27 years old, and is a native of Birmingham. [22]

Fred J Nicholls

1951Nicholls11951 - Age 22 Colliery worker. 1st C. J. Fox Memorial 1951, 3rd London-Holyhead, 3rd Midland Road Race Championship 1950, 3rd Warwickshire Road Race. Former West Midland Coal Board Boxing Champion



Clive W Parker
b: 26-Nov-1929
d: 25-Jun-2005

1951Parker11951 - Age 21 Cycle-frame builder. 1st South Staffs Grand Prix 1949-50, 1st Two Valleys Road Race, 1st G.P. de la Bastille 1951

1953 - (Professional) the first-ever to finish a world's championship professional road race. Since then, he has won the Two Valleys road race and was a member of the winning team in the Tour de Calvados race in France. [37]

1955 - 25 years. Ex-insurance agent. Started racing in 1946. Amateur: 1st Grand Prix de la Bastille (London), 1947. 1st South Staffs Grand Prix, 1947. Independent / Professional: London Champion 1948-49. National time trial Champion B.L.R.C., 1949. 1st South Staffs Grand Prix, 1949-50. 1st Tour of the Mendips, 1950. 1st Grand Prix of Bath, 1951. Tour of Britain, stage winner in 1954. Hobbies: Weightlifting and golf.

2005 - “Clive Parker, a member of the legendary 1950s Hercules team, died on 25 June after a short illness. He was 75. In 1947 he joined the East London Racing Club and showed immediate promise. He won the Junior BLRC road race title and developed his sprint in London circuit races. In 1949, aged 18, he rode the Tour of Poland, and in the same year rode for Dayton in the Brighton-Glasgow, holding the lead and finally finishing fifth. Parker joined Hercules in 1953 and in that year’s Tour of Britain he won the stage into Scarborough but a mechanical problem spoiled his chances of winning overall, and he finished fifth. 1954Parker1In the same year he was selected for the World Championships. In 1954 he started in Paris-Nice, and in the Tour of Britain he won a stage and finished sixth overall. He retired from racing in 1955. He leaves his wife of 53 years and two children.”


Ralph Parkin

1953 - (Independent). This 26 year old Bradford man has tackled all types of racing from track-sprinting to 12-hour time trials and multi-stage racing. He was three times Yorkshire road champion. [41]

William E (Ted) Penvose
b: 1929, Barnsley
d: 30-Dec-1968

1955 - 26 years. 7th in 1955 Amateur Circuit of Britain. 1st Holcombe Road Race 1954. Hobby: Cycling. Ambition: To become a World Championship rider.

Douglas (Doug) Petty
b: 29-Oct-1930, Keighley

1951Petty11951 - Age 20.  Cycle mechanic. Keighley Velo R.C. 3rd Surrey R.R. 1950. 3rd Yorkshire Dales R.R. 1950, 3rd Ashdown Forest R.R. 1950, 2nd Streatham T.T.T. 1950, 4th Nidderdale Road Race 1951.

1952 - (Amateur). Rode well in last year's Tour of Britain. Aged 21 [75]

1953 - (Independent) has represented Yorkshire in the two previous Tour of Britain events, and has been a member of his county's team in many other major races. [49]

1955 - 24 years. 3rd Crich Beacon Road Race, 1955. 2nd Charnwood Road Race, 1955. 4th Tour of the Peaks. 1st Blyth Road Race.


Tony Phillips

1951Phillips11951 - Age 23. Audit clerk. Romford R.C. 1st Brockley Circuit i95o, 1st Norwich 2-day 1950, 3rd Bournemouth 2-day 1951, 3rd Brighton-Glasgow 1951 (3rd day)

1952 - (Amateur) is a keen athlete ; his biggest successes have been first places in the Brockley Circuit Race and the Norwich 2-day Race. [61]

Edmond Pierre

1951Pierre11951 - Age 36

1952 - (Amateur) is the 'father' of the French team, being in his 38th year. Last year he was the leading Frenchman in the Tour of Britain. [10]

John E Pottier

1953Pottier11952 - (Independent). A 22-year old Birmingham clerk, John has only recently joined the Independent ranks. As an amateur rider, he has made a great name for himself this season, finishing 2nd in the North Wolverhampton R. R. and 3rd in the Severn Valley G. P. While in the R.A.F., he was their Champion at massed-start racing. [4]

1953 - (Independent) was selected for this year's tough Route de France race, and finished second in the Dover to London road race. [31]

1955 - 24 years. 3rd in Tour of Britain and member of first team 1953. 1st reserve for Tour de France, 1955. Rode in the Tour of Spain, 1955. Only British rider in the 1954 Tour of Britain to wear the yellow jersey.

2012 - still racing in club events at the Midland Cycling & Athletic Club

Johnny Pound

1952 - (Amateur). Best wins were in the 1951 Baslow R. R. and the 1952 North Midlands Championship. Also 3rd in the Gresley R. R. Aged 20 [76]

Peter R Procter

1952 - (Independent) was National Massed Start Champion last year and rode for the British team in the 15-day Route de France (the amateur Tour de France) earlier this year. Has twice represented Britain in the world road-race Championships. Aged 22. [12]

Bernard Colin Pusey
b: 10-Jan-1930

1955 - 25 years. Ex-electrical technical engineer. Started racing in 1948. Amateur: 1st Tour of Ireland, 1954. 1st Grand Prix Berlaar (Belgium). Turned Professional in 1955. Hobby: Photography. more...

Also article at LVRC website

Basil Reeves

1953 - (Professional)has spent a lot of time on the Continent, learning the art of road racing the 'hard way'. He was third in the Grand Prix de Puy (France) and well-placed in other major French and Belgian races [46]

Robert Renonce

1952 - (Amateur), aged 35, has already a win in the G. P. de I'Humanite to his credit this year. [8]

Richard S Richards

1951Richards11951 - Age 20. Fitter and turner. Northumbrian R.R.C.C. 2nd North E.Classic 1950, 4th Newcastle-Ayr 1951, 2nd Denton G.P. 1951.

G M Roberts

1952 - (Independent) is a bricklayer by trade, aged 20. Successes this year include first placings in the 2-day Tour of the West, the Midland Section T. T. Championships and the Denbighshire G. P. Also 2nd in the Gresley Memorial R. R. and the Severn Valley G. P. [32]

David (Dave) Robinson

1951Robinson11951 - Age 19 Instrument-maker. Romford R.C. 1st Tour of the Medway Valley 1951, 3rd Tour of the Hopfields 1951, 3rd London to Battle and back 1951

1952 - (Amateur) age 20, has only ridden in one race this year, owing to service in the R.A.F. Last year, however, he finished 1st in the Tour of the Medway Valley and was 3rd in the London to Battle and Back. [60]

1953 - (Independent) has consistently been at the head of Amateur events, and his entry into the Independent field is a well-earned reward. He is 21 years old, and at present serving in the R.A.F. [44]

Desmond (Des) Robinson
b: 30-Dec-1927
d: 10-Dec-2015

1955 - 27 years. 1955 performances: 1st Whitworth Memorial Road Race. 1st Bradford-Filey stage of Butlin's Road Race. 1st Sheffield Highgate Road Race. 1st Amateur Circuit of Britain, 1955 (1st in two stages of it). 1st in B.L.R.C. 1955, National Championships.

more at Classic Lightweights UK

Brian Robinson
b: 3-Nov-1930

1959Robinson11953 - (Independent) is another newcomer to the semi-professional branch of the sport. He is 22 years old, and at present in the Army. Brian has been one of Britain's leading Amateurs; his home is in Huddersfield. [17]

1955 - 25 years. Ex-carpenter and joiner. Started racing in 1948. Amateur: Many successes. Rode for Great Britain in the Olympic Games and World's Championships, 1952. Independent/Professional: 2nd Tour of Britain, 1953. 4th Tour of Britain, 1954. 1st Schwenningen-Augsburgh stage of the Tour of Europe, 1954. 29th in the Tour de France, 1955. (One of the first two British riders ever to finish in this toughest of all races). Hobbies: Football and basketball.

1959 - International Team. Tour de France

1960 - Great Britain Team. Tour de France

2009 - Article at

Ron Rogers

1952 - (Amateur) won the Avenue RR and Esoteric TTT and was 3rd in the Southern Velo RR this year. Aged 19 [65]

Ken Russell

1951Russell11951 - Age 21 Cycle salesman. 2nd Brighton-Glasgow, 1st Severn Valley 1948, 1st C. J. Fox Road Race 1948, 1st Tour of the Peaks 1949, R.A.F. Champion 1949, 1st Circuit of New Mills 1950.

1952 - (Independent). Aged 22. This year he finished 2nd in the Wolverhampton-Llangollen and Back race. [78]

1953 - (Independent). Ken will always be remembered as the man who achieved the impossible by winning the 1952 Daily Express Tour of Britain without team support. He proved himself the complete master of stage-racing, and he will provide even tougher opposition this year with two team-mates to back him up. This year, he won the Border Grand Prix, taking the King of the Mountains prize as well, and finished in leading places in the North Wolverhampton road race and the C. J. Fox Memorial road race. He is 23 and is a cycle frame builder, living in Bradford. [16]

1955 - 25 years. 1st Tour of Britain, 1952. 1st South Buxton Road Race, 1955. Seven places in 1955.




Matthew Sands

1951Sands11951 - Age 35, Plumber, 2nd All-Round Road Champion 1950, 2nd 50 mile Massed-Start Championship 1951, Captain St James Gate Racing Club senior team, 15 years racing

Stan Saunders

1953 - (Professional). With much experience in the Continental professional school, Stan has plenty of experience for this type of racing - and this should stand him in good stead when involved in sprint finishes to stages. [43]

“Oscar” (James W) Savile
b: 31-Oct-1926, Leeds
d: 29-Oct-2011, Leeds

1951Savile11951 - Age 24, Company director, Leeds Olympic, 2nd Edinburgh-Newcastle 1950, 4th Ayr-Carlisle 1951, known as “The Duke”

1970s/80s - DJ Jimmy Savile, later Sir Jimmy and finally dishonored once his criminal activities were discovered.

Leslie J (Les) Scales
b: 1929, Woolwich

1951Scales11951 - Age 22, Toolmaker, 1st Amateur Brighton-Glasgow, 1st London-Holyhead 1951, 2nd National Championship 1951, madison rider with continental experience.

1952 - (Independent) was the man whose brilliant captaincy led to the British team's victory in the great Warsaw-Berlin-Prague marathon this year. He is a Londoner, aged 23, and is a cycle engineer. Won the London-Holyhead single-stage race and finished 2nd in the national Independent championships. Also placed 2nd in the Tour of the East Midlands 3-day event. [24]

1953 - (Independent).His finest performance was a second. placing in last year's Tour of Britain, following the winning of four daily stages, He was a member of the victorious team in the Warsaw-Berlin-Prague race in the same year. [32]

1955 - Representative. Ridden in British teams in Poland, Mexico and Spain. 2nd in Tour of Britain in 1952 and 1953.

Frank Seel
b: 1928, South Manchester

1951Seel11951 - Age 27 (23?), Cycle builder, 1st Tour of the Chase 1951, first class team worker

1953 - (Independent) comes from Manchester, and is 25 years old. He has figured prominently in many recent events, and has the makings of a first-class Tour of Britain team rider. [27]

May-2020 - living with his wife near Rhyl

Tony Smith

1952 - (Amateur) is the current London R. R. Champion. He was 2nd in the National R. R. Championship this year and 3rd in the Brighton-Glasgow race. [59]

1953 - (Independent) is a recent addition to the Independent sphere. An experienced stage rider,
he rode well in last year’s Tour of Britain. The same age, 23, as team-mate Ken Russell, he comes from Ilford (Essex). [18]

Pete (Peter S) Southart
b: 1928, South Manchester

1952- (Independent) comes from Manchester. He is a 23-year-old electrical fitter. He is secretary to the Adorior (Manchester) R. C., and also Vice-Chairman of the Manchester Section of the B.L.R.C. This year, his best win was in the Tour of Leinster 2-day race. He was also first in the Altrincham Circuit race. [40]

1953 - (Independent), aged 24, is one of those men who take an active part in the administrative side of cycling life. An official of the Manchester Section, he won the Coast-to-Coast race. [39]

Ian Steel
b: 28-Dec-1928
d: Oct-2015

1951Steel11951 - Age 22, Pattern maker, 1st SCU Championship Road Race 1951, 1st West Scotland Championship Road Race 1951, 1st Glasgow Wheelers RR, 1st Edinburgh Comet RR 1951, 1st Glasgow Wheelers 25-mile 1951, 1st Tour of the Chilterns 1951

1952 - (Independent). There can be no doubt that this six-foot Scotsman is the outstanding British road cyclist of the century. He leapt to fame in the first 1951 Tour of Britain, when he scored a brilliant win. This year he went to the Continent, and beat the finest amateur and independent Continental riders on their own ground, finishing on top in the tremendously gruelling Warsaw-Berlin-Prague stage race. Shortly after, he went to France, and startled the Continentals by finishing a very close 2nd in the Paris-Lens classic road race. He has been time trial and road race champion of Scotland, and is a winner of the Tour of the Chilterns, besides his many other successes. A cycle-frame builder, Ian is aged 23. [1]

1953 - (Independent). This six-foot, unassuming Scot will always be remembered for his brilliant win in the first Daily Express Tour of Britain, and for his equally sensational victory in the gruelling Warsaw-Berlin-Prague race later that year. Also finished as leading British rider in this year's Six Provinces race. He is the current British road race champion, and is captain of his team. He is 24 years old. [24]

1955 - 25 years. Rode in Tour de France and Tour of Spain, 1955. National Road Race Champion, 1953. 1st Warsaw-Berlin-Prague. 1st Tour of Britain, 1951.

more ...

Kenneth Parnell (Ken) Stratford
b; 1932, Ulverston

1956---Ken-Stratford--heads1955 - 22 years. Joiner. 1st Tour of the Cerrigs 1954 1st Wilson Gala RR 1955

1st Stage 2 Scarborough-Whitley Bay and 17th GC The Oats Amateur Tour 1955


Herbert Victor (Vic) Sutton
b: 13-Dec-1935, Thorne
d: 29-Jul-1999

1959Sutton11959 - Pro: Helyett-Remington; International Team, Tour de France
“Victor Sutton was one of the revelations of the Tour. For a long time in the early stages he was near the tail of the field, like Hewson and Andrews not in the best of health. Then in the mountains he came into his own. He has got that mysterious “something" that he was born with - the ability to climb the big mountains. He is not yet a "complete" roadman ; he sprints quite well, but is weak against the watch. But an Englishman who is a Star of the Mountains is something new on the Continent, and a successful future is assured for the ex-Doncaster carpenter.” Rene De Latour

Vic’s story in Cycling

1960 - Pro: Liberia-Grammont; Great Britain Team, Tour de France; 5th Tour de Suisse (Robert Millar is only Briton that as ever done any better on GC in this race)

John Robert Henry Swinney
b: 2-Jun-1935, Tiverton
d; Dec-1994, Devon

1955 - 20 years. 21st Amateur Circuit of Britain 1955, 1st Exeter RR 1955, 2nd Winchester GP 1955

Dennis (Den) Talbot

1953 - (Professional). Although only 23, this rider has been associated for a long while with both road and track racing. He is an excellent team man, and scored many notable successes. [38]

1954Talbot11955 - 25 years. Ex-Pattern Maker (engineer). Started racing in 1945. Amateur: 1st Bournemouth Grand Prix. 1st Birmingham Premier Road Race. Independent/Professional: 1st Elmsall Grand Prix, 1954. 1st Morecambe to Glasgow stage of Tour of Britain. Hobbies: Rowing, table tennis and weight training.

more at Classic Lightweights UK

Eugene Tamburlini

1953 - is an all-rounder who has gained several good placings in road races [5]

Alec Taylor
b: 1925
d: 13-Jul-1997

1951Taylor11951 - Age 26, Cycle component importer, NCU National Road Champion 1947, 3rd Brussels-Ostend 1947, 1st Circuit of the New Forest 1951, 1st Maromme Circuit RR 1951, 2nd Victor Berlemont Memorial RR 1951

1967 - Manager of the GB team during that year’s tragic Tour de France. Present at the collapse of Tom Simpson on Mont Ventoux (13-Jul-1967)

1997 - Alec died on the exact 30th anniversary of Simpson’s own death.

Kenneth Taylor

1952- (Amateur). Aged 25. His racing successes include the Whitby Moor R. R., the Newton Fell Circuit Race, and the Hambledon Circuit Race. [77]

Gordon W (Tiny) Thomas
b: 18-Aug-1921
d: Apr-2013

1953Thomas11952 - (Independent) is known nationally and internationally as ' Tiny.' Earlier this year he took the premier award in the Daily Express race over the Oliver's Mount circuit at Scarborough. [13]

1953 - (Independent). As one of this country's most experienced road riders, Thomas provides wonderful backing in any team. He is equally successful in short-distance and multi-stage racing. [20]

17-Apr-2013 - “Gordon Thomas, a silver medallist at the 1948 London Olympic Games and winner of the 1953 Tour of Britain, has passed away at the age of 91. .. His funeral takes place at Nab Wood Crematorium, Shipley, next Tuesday [23-Apr-2013], at 12.40pm.” British Cycling web site

Ron Thomson

1952 - (Amateur). A 23-yearold Scotsman. A Glasgow Wheelers' clubman, he has won the Clova Glen R. R., has finished 2nd in the Whitby Moor R. R. and the Salsborough R. R. and was a member of the winning team in the R.A.F. 100-m. Championship. [49]



Michael Varley

1951Varley11951 - Age 21. Clerk. Birmingham Premier R.C. 1st North Liverpool R.R. 1949, 1st Chesterfield R.R. 1951, 1st Stonehenge R.R. 1951, 2nd Welsh Border R.R. 1951, 2nd Castile Grand Prix 1951, 2nd S. Midlands R.R. Championship

Graham Joseph Vines
b. 9-Oct-1930 Tonbridge

1955 - 20 years. Draughtsman. N.C.U. Champion, 1952. World's Championships, 1951/1952. Olympic Games, 1952. Professional Independent Champion 1955

Alan Weddle

1953 - (Aspirant) A 20-year-old apprentice fitter from South Shields. He was fourth in the Brighton-Newcastle race. [58]

Johnny Welch

1951Welch11951 - Age 25 Sales representative. Midland R.R. Champion 1950, 1st Weston-s-Mare Grand Prix 1950, 1st Circuit of the Plains 1951, 1st Gresley-Nottingham stage Tour of the East Midlands, 2nd Tour of the Hopfields 1951, 2nd London to Battle and back 1951, 1st Weston-super-Mare G.P. 1951

1952 - (Independent). A 22-year old commercial traveller from Birmingham who spends his spare time when out of the saddle tinkering with motor-car engines - and then driving them. Earlier this year, he won the Tour of the Peaks and the Gresley Memorial R. R. He also has wins in the Dublin 'Tour Revenge', Weston-s-Mare G. P. and the Midland R. R. Championships to his credit. Finished fifth in the 1951 Tour of Britain. [2]

1953 - (Independent) is riding in his third Tour of Britain, and was the winner of last year's Tour of the Peaks. At 25 he is the oldest member of his team. [30]

Derick Wellman

1951Wellman11951 - Age 21 General dealer. Polhill Racing Club. 1st Dorett Head R.R., 2nd Downham Festival Race 1951. 3rd Graham R.R. 1951.

Len D West

1951West11951 - Age 25 Building surveyor. Team captain. 1st Road Race Championship 1950. Winner Tour E. Midlands 1950, 2nd Severn Valley G.P. 1951.

Leonard Wightman

1952 - (Independent) has had his racing career marred by a series of accidents. He crashed badly on the first stage of the Brighton-Glasgow race, but carried on, despite his injuries, to finish the full distance. Aged 23. [22]

1953 - (Independent) astounded the cycling world with his pluck in last year's Tour of Britain. After a heavy crash, he battled on despite injury until finally called out by his team manager. [35]

Fred Williams

(Independent). Aged 23, a cycle dealer. Won the 1952 Chevin R. R., and in the Brighton-Glasgow he was 2nd on the Stage 1, 3rd on the Stage 2, and finished 6th on general classification. [30]

Don Wilson

1951WilsonD11951 - Age 24. Cycle-frame builder. Bradford R.C. 1st Manchester- Pwllheli 1951, 1st Mallastang 1951, 1st Am. C. J. Fox Memorial R.R. 1951

1952 - (Amateur) is an ex-Merchant Seaman. 1st in N. Wolverhampton R. R. this year and won the first stage of the Brighton-Glasgow race. [73]

1953 - (Aspirant) made a great name for himself in previous Tour of Britain races for his dogged determination in the face of adversity. He is 26, and a sales representative. His home is in Hull. [50]

James Fredrick (J F) Wilson

1951WilsonJ11951 - Age 32. Cycle dealer. Sheffield Phoenix R.C. 12 years' N.C.U. racing. Rode in six Continental road races, 6th Hanover-Brunswick, 11th General Classification Butlin's Camps 7-day R.R.

1953 - (Independent) is a cycle manufacturer with 13 years of racing experience. He is 35, and the oldest rider in this year's Tour. This will be his first major event as an Independent rider. [47]

2010 - see cycle shop in Sheffield for more info

John Wilson

1952 - (Amateur). Rode well in the 3-day Tour of the East Midlands and finished 1st in 1952 City T. T. T. [76]

Les Wilson

1953 - (Independent) is a 26-years-old Leeds man. He represented Britain in the 1952 Olympic Gamesand with Alan Bannister was National Tandem Champion last year. [42]

Sydney Wilson

1953 - (Independent). Another newcomer to the Independent ranks, he has had several placings in road events this year. [48]

1955 - Tour of Britain

Bevis H Wood
b. 17-Aug-1929
d. 29-Jan-2006

1951WoodB11951 - Age 22. Garment worker. 1st Manchester Section Championship 1951, 1st Glossop G.P. 1951, 1st Filey-Newcastle (Butlin's), 5th Butlin's Camps 7-day, 1st Moss Moor T.T. 1951

1952 - (Independent), aged 23, of Stalybridge, Cheshire. Has a tremendous desire to ride in the Tour de France. He was 4th in the 1951 Tour of Britain ; this year won the 3-day Tour of the East Midlands and the Dover-London R.R. Also a member of the winning British team in the Warsaw-Berlin-Prague marathon. [39]

1953 - (Independent). This 24-year old Stalybridge rider has become increasingly well known in recent months. He has taken part in races in Mexico and on the Continent, and his team work has been praised by many of the world's cycling critics. [25]

Link to page at Cycling Archives

Geoff W Wood

1951WoodG11951 - Age 27. Cycle accessory manufacturer, inventor and improver. 1st Yorks Australian Pursuit 1948, finished Brighton-Glasgow 1948 and 1950, 4th Manchester-Carlisle.

18-Dec-2013 message from reader - I have just heard that Geoff died a few days ago. He did a lot of very bold sea canoeing and led the fight for river access for canoeists.

Norman Yeaman
b. 1931 Gateshead
d. 25-Jun-2017

1952 - (Independent) made his name as an amateur in the famous northern club, the Ridley C. C. [42]

1953 - (Independent) has built up a big reputation in his own Tyneside area. He is making his second bid for honours in the Tour of Britain, in which last year he was the first man to cross the Scottish-English border, and finished second on the Nottingham-Norwich stage. [40]